MedSpray® the Patch-in-a-Can®

MedPharm has patented an aerosol-based system that delivers API as a Patch-in-a-Can® (PCT GB2006/003408). This novel spray-on patch/film works by delivering a super saturated local patch/film that has numerous advantages:

  1. Enhanced drug delivery to or across the skin or  buccal mucosa
  2. Aesthetic appeal: it is invisible once applied
  3. Extended or immediate release: the MedSpray® formulation can be manipulated to deliver API immediately or over an extended period
  4. Convenience: the aerosol spray delivery is appealing to users who do not need to physically apply cream or gel or touch the infected/affected area; minimising cross contamination
  5. Easily optimisable: film and excipients can be varied according to the API and target. Films can be made occlusive or non occlusive, and drug release profiles and actuation delivery can be  manipulated. Metered dose or continuous delivery valves can be used.
  6. Validated on a wide variety of actives including a clinical trial to show non-inferiority to a leading brand of Athlete’s foot treatment
  7. An alternative to visually unappealing and inconvenient transdermal patches with more efficient delivery
  8. On application, the formulation has cooling/relieving attributes which appeal to the patient for many applications; for example to counter itching and burning sensations.

MedSpray® technology improves the delivery of therapeutic compounds to or across the skin and buccal mucosa. Unlike current marketed patches, this patented delivery technology is manufactured as a solution.  During dose actuation it assembles into a microfine  film.  The film properties can be manipulated to achieve the required drug delivery, and can be physically altered in terms of tackiness, viscosity, and water resistance. All excipients used can be taken from previously approved FDA/EMA pharmaceutically acceptable ingredients. Propellants are environmentally friendly and non-combustible.

Controlled evaporation of storage solvents provides a formulation with a high drug concentration at the skin surface that dramatically increases drug diffusion across the layers of human skin, an advantage over traditional formulations where attaining such concentrations of API is challenging due to stability problems.

Clinical Trials

MedSpray® has been validated with a large number of actives, including in the clinic with a terbinafine formulation.  In a comparative trial, with the once only treatment for tinea pedis infection (athlete’s foot), this product met its non-inferiority end point and showed some superior qualities over Lamisil Once® (Novartis).

MedSpray® is currently available under licence to clients for non-competing indications.

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