Skin Metabolism Studies

MedPharm’s skin metabolism model is employed to investigate the breakdown of a drug within human skin, in vitro.

Typically, homogenates of full thickness human skin are prepared to determine the possible mechanism and kinetics of API metabolism within skin layers. Samples from the homogenate are taken, extracted, and analysed for the API and its known metabolites using the developed analytical method at defined time points. Using fresh, frozen, pre-treated and/or denatured skin provides an indication of the mechanistic aspects of the metabolic process

If significant degradation is observed, intact full thickness skin samples are assessed. Using a Franz cell, the receiver fluid is selected to maintain skin viability only and is not analysed for permeation. At this point, the Stratum Corneum is removed by tape stripping and analysed for the drug using the developed analytical method. The remaining epidermis is then separated from the dermis and the API and metabolite concentration in each layer is determined.