Ophthalmic Formulation Development

Ocular drug delivery requires special expertise to overcome the challenges associated with targeting this area.

MedPharm has expertise in the design and testing of formulations used to target numerous indications of the eye, including developing formulations for topical application, and transcleral, transcorneal and intravitreal use. The company has validated models to test the performance of these formulations including release testing, penetration and permeability studies among others.

MedPharm has conducted numerous ophthalmic formulation projects for both delivery to the front and the back of the eye, including injectable formulations. A number of these are now marketed products, with more in later stage clinical trials.

In Vitro Ocular Models

A number of in vitro and ex vivo models are available to MedPharm clients for the testing of developed formulations.

Franz-type eye model

Mimics the static barriers of the eye and maintains dynamic flow through the cell

  • Simple and cost-effective
  • Quick to set up
  • Well established model
  • Uses: Drug permeation studies can also be used to investigate transcleral/intravitreal/ transcorneal drug delivery routes through singular or multiple ocular tissues

MedPharm can also assess irritability and toxicity of formulations and APIs using in vitro assays.

Turnkey Development Solutions

MedPharm works together with ophthalmic products and sterile manufacturing experts enabling clients to conveniently access the whole range of development and manufacturing services needed to take an ophthalmic product up to and through clinical trials. Collaboration between two expert partners enables a seamless transfer through formulation development conducted at MedPharm, to the manufacturing of the product for clinical trials supply at the manufacturing partner.