Dermatological Formulations

MedPharm has world renowned experts in the design and testing of effective, safe and aesthetically elegant topical dermatological formulations.

MedPharm has worked on hundreds of projects in the area and has helped to bring a range of products, made to customer specification, to market with expertise in:

  • Various semi solid doseage forms; creams, gels, sprays, foams, ointments, lotions, mousses, lacquers, patches
  • Prescription and OTC medicine formulation development using novel APIs
  • Generic product development
  • Cosmaceuticals and cosmetics development
  • Trouble-shooting problematic formulations
  • Re-formulating marketed products, for example to improve performance and aesthetics, or extend a product’s life cycle 

MedPharm’s in vitro and ex vivo testing protocols are widely recognised by regulatory authorities and allow assessment of topical dermatological formulations:

    • API release profiles from the formulation
    • Permeation and penetration activity
    • Potential efficacy
    • Toxicity

Once a successful formulation is developed, MedPharm can then offer GLP manufacture of semi-solid formulations for further pre-clinical evaluation as well as manufacture for clinical trial supplies.

All of these services are offered in-house, allowing clients to have a smooth path from development through to manufacture for clinical trials.