Formulation Design

Since its inception in 1999, MedPharm has helped many pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmeceutical companies with the design and development of topical and transdermal formulations. To date, the company has been involved in the successful development of 24 approved products.

MedPharm provides a world renowned first class development service with activities that span the entire pharmaceutical development process. From API selection and in silico modelling, through pre-formulation and formulation development, in vitro/ex vivo performance and stability testing, to GLP manufacturing for toxicity assessment and GMP manufacturing for supply of Phase I/II clinical trials.

Dosage Form Experience

The dedicated development scientists within MedPharm have specific expertise in the development of the following dosage forms:

  1. Semi-solid topical formulations including creams, gels, mousses,foams ointments, lotions, lacquers, pastes, suspensions, liquids and sprays
  2. Airway dosage forms including MDIs, DPIs and nebulisers
  3. Transdermal  patches and other devices
  4. Ocular  dosage forms for corneal, intravitreal and transcleral  delivery
  5. Mucoadhesive/bioadhesive formulations

Types of Project

The company has developed a reputation for tackling difficult-to-formulate drugs including compounds with extremes in physicochemical properties, peptides, larger biologics and natural products.

MedPharm has the required skills and disciplines suited to reformulate systemically delivered APIs into topically administered forms. MedPharm can help with drug product life cycle management and can enhance patient compliance for both OTC and Rx drugs by either developing bespoke formulations/devices or by employing its own proprietary delivery systems.

* current as of May 2015