Fast Track to the Clinic

Clients who wish to progress their project into human trials as soon as possible, and take advantage of the early generation clinical data, can do so with MedPharm’s formulation fast track service.

MedPharm offers a specialist service to fast track topical formulations to the clinic in as little as 4 months (excluding manufacturing time). By accepting inherent risks, clients can take advantage of MedPharm’s expertise to quickly achieve the ultimate proof of concept (POC) for their product; a first in-human clinical trial.

Fast delivery of a fit-for-purpose formulation developed by field leading experts:

MedPharm is able to provide this specialised service by drawing on the company’s long history of formulation development experience, providing an accelerated formulation development programme that produces a safe, efficacious and stable formulation in as little as 4 months from commencement of work. Clinical trial materials can also be manufactured on-site within MedPharm’s GMP suites with a rapid release to the clinical trial site.

Following a successful clinical trial and POC achievement, MedPharm can work to optimise a formulation and ensure maximum performance in all aspects of the formulation characteristics, prior to further clinical studies.