MedTherm® Drug Delivery

MedPharm has developed a novel active delivery system that utilises the properties of thermophoresis (Soret Effect) in combination with some commonly used excipients. MedTherm® promotes delivery of compounds across the skin. Delivered in the form of a heated patch, semi-solid or liquid, the slight heating of the application site causes a lipid phase transition, and blood vessel dilation, which along with penetration enhancement, allows enhanced API delivery with:

  • Fast onset of action
  • Direct application to target site
  • Can be employed for systemic or local delivery

To date, MedPharm has validated the concept of MedTherm® using a number of different drug classes in human epidermal sheet, and full thickness human skin. Data shows enhanced API delivery.

MedTherm Data

Sildenafil: ca 4 fold enhancement

Piroxicam: ca 12 fold enhancement

Diclofenac: ca 14 fold enhancement

Lidocaine: ca 75 fold enhancement

 MedPharm was successful in achieving  a TSB Feasibility Award in 2013 in a competitive funding call and is now working on a topical methotrexate formulation, among others, using the patented technology (licensing enquiries are welcomed).

MedTherm® is currently available under licence to clients for non-competing indications.