MedPharm’s Proprietary Technologies

MedPharm works closely with its clients to develop aesthetically pleasing, patient friendly, safe and efficacious formulations for locally acting drugs (skin, airways, mucosal membranes and ocular), and transdermal formulations and devices.

Through MedPharm’s own home grown expertise and its academic collaborations, it has developed MedSpray® and MedTherm® patented drug delivery technologies that go outside of what is available ‘off the shelf’. These technologies offer the client improved delivery characteristics and unique selling points for the proposed product, as well as a new route for APIs that are difficult to formulate or deliver. MedPharm has worked on a number of external projects both with clients and under government-aided collaborative grants. It has used these technologies to improve product characteristics for brand life-cycle management and to open up new markets and new indications for old APIs. MedPharm has also developed an exciting technology for hydration of the skin: AquaRMed.

These proprietary technologies are available to clients under licence:

MedSpray®: Patch-in-a-can® aerosol technology for drug delivery in the form of a film  to topical / mucosal membranes for immediate or sustained/extended delivery. The film properties can be manipulated to be invisible, retained for as long as is required, and are aesthetically appealing over conventional patches. (MedPharm issued EPO patent MedSpray EP1931310B1)

MedTherm®: Penetration enhancing thermogenic formulation for increasing transdermal drug delivery

AquaRMed: A biologically stable, synthetic humectant with high hygroscipicity and bioavailability