Board of Directors

Dr. Andrew G. Muddle, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer

andrew g muddle

Dr. Andrew Muddle co-founded MedPharm in August 1999. Dr. Muddle has spent 19 years in the pharmaceutical industry in the drug delivery area and has worked for a number of companies of varying sizes. At PowderJect Pharmaceuticals plc, he was Technical Director (Pharmaceutical Development) with responsibility for pharmaceutical sciences, and both pre-clinical and clinical functions. He held this position for three and a half years and made a major contribution in the early development of the company, as well as being pivotal in the IPO in 1997. Dr. Muddle has managed development projects through to commercialisation of several transdermal patch products. Prior to this, he also held technical positions with drug delivery companies such as the Elan Corporation, Ethical Pharmaceuticals Ltd (U.K.), Controlled Therapeutics (Scotland) and Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis).

Prof. Marc Brown, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

marc brown

Prof. Marc Brown PhD CChem FRSC previously spent 15 years as an academic in the Pharmacy Department at King’s College London before becoming a co-founder of the company. At KCL, he worked with Prof. Marriott, co-director of the Medicines Research and Development Centre. He was also appointed as Professor of Pharmaceutics in the School of Pharmacy, University of Hertfordshire in 2006 and has visiting/honorary professorships at the Universities of Reading and Dundee. He has  over 100 publications and 16 patents describing his work. His research interests lie mainly in drug delivery to the skin nail and airways. Prof. Brown  previously worked for Canadian drug delivery company, Hyal, as Director of Pharmaceutical and Analytical Development, where he managed the development and approval of several topical formulations. To date, he has been involved in the pharmaceutical development of 20 products that are now on the market in Europe, America and Japan including Solaraze, Zyclara and Picato.


Dr. Rob Turner, BSc, Ph.D., Director of Technical Performance

rob turner

Dr. Rob Turner graduated from the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences in Portsmouth University with a BSc degree in Microbiology in 1995. He immediately gained employment at Johnson and Johnson Cosmetics, where he was quickly promoted to the position of Head Microbiologist in the Research and Development Department .

In 1998, Dr. Turner successfully obtained funding from J & J to study for a PhD in  bio-adhesion and drug delivery under Prof. John Smart at the School of Pharmacy, University of Portsmouth. He completed his studies in 2001 and immediately joined MedPharm as a Senior Microbiologist.  Subsequently, Rob was promoted to Head of Microbiology, Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical development and has now taken over the role as Director of Projects and Head of Health and Safety. He has played a lead role in the development of many of the performance tests developed at MedPharm including the TurChub® and ChubTur® ungual systems.

Dr. Haydn Sinclair, BSc, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Development

Following undergraduate graduation, Haydn began a career in academic research at the University of Reading.  The resultant PhD thesis focused on preventing gastreoenteritidis using carbohydrate based ‘nutraceuticals’.  The research was subject to a worldwide patent and was later published across 3 international journals.  Following further years researching Neisseria Meningitidis adhesion mechanisms at Bristol University and Emergent Biosolutions, Haydn joined Lonza Biologics in the Quality Assurance function and implemented a number of Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects before joining MedPharm in 2012.  In his short time as MedPharm’s Quality Assurance Director, he has designed, project-managed and obtained certification of a new MHRA accredited Investigational Medicinal Products manufacturing facility comprising ISO 14644 compliant clean rooms.  He has also conceived and developed a new quality management system to support the new facility.  In his role as Clinical Development Director, he maintains responsibility for strategic management of MedPharm’s manufacturing operation and process improvement projects.

Donna Dobinson, BSc, Manager of Pharmaceutical Development

Donna Dobinson graduated from the University of Surrey in 1997 with a BSc degree in Biochemistry (Toxicology). She gained employment at ABS Laboratories, where she was  promoted to the position of Study Director. Between 2005 and 2012, Donna worked in CROs and research organisations as a bioanalytical expert utilising liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.  In 2012, Donna joined MedPharm as a senior scientist and was promoted to Head of Pharmaceutical Analysis and now manages the Analytical and QC Testing activities performed at MedPharm.

Dr. Charles Evans, BSc, Ph.D., Technical Director of Formulation Development

Dr. Charles Evans graduated from the University of Glamorgan with a BSc degree in Chemistry in 2001. He gained an MSc in Pharmaceutical Science from the Open University in parallel to starting work as a technician at MedPharm in 2004, and in 2007 was promoted to Study Director. Following this, he was promoted to Manager of Formulation Development and has taken a lead role in the development of topical formulations, in particular MedPharm’s IP MedSpray and also the development and testing of inhalation formulations. He has now taken over the role of Technical Director of Formulation Development.