Case Studies and Endorsements

MedPharm has conducted contract research services for over 150 clients worldwide and contributed to the development of 19 approved products.

MedPharm has worked with clients based in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, India, China, and Israel and enjoys an enviable level of repeat business. The company regularly travels to meet its existing and prospective clients, and attend trade shows and conferences.

MedPharm is proud to have its validated in vitro models supported both by clients and the regulatory authorities who have examined and reviewed the data in submissions and subsequently endorsed the validity of such models as surrogate markers for clinical efficacy. MedPharm has enabled one generic approval based upon the MedPharm in vitro model data alone, without the need for expensive clinical trials.

″I’ve always been impressed with MedPharm’s technical expertise being delivered with an exceptional personal touch that makes working with the entire team a true pleasure. Having worked on numerous projects with the MedPharm team, the technical expertise, customer service and commitment to excellence are among the best I’ve encountered in the business. MedPharm has provided exceptional technical expertise, outstanding customer service and superb documentation on each of the projects we’ve completed with them″ Doug Bakan (ex-Medicis)

“I was lucky enough to find MedPharm in its very early days and have been happy to come back to them many times since to help deliver on internal development projects. I have worked in the dermatology arena for 20 years and would rate MedPharm right up there as one of the best CDMOs. They always deliver and exceed expectations, are very easy to work with, and are professional and well informed  – one less thing to worry about.”  Mike Nordsiek (Pro-Soft Clinical)

 “Peplin Operations Pty Ltd (now LEO Pharma) has contracted Medpharm on a number of projects and I have been exceedingly pleased with what MedPharm has delivered and how they work with us. Their experimental design, project management and timely delivery of the data that we needed in the ingenol mebutate project (now marketed as Picato®) was exemplary. I would consider MedPharm an extension of our own formulation, delivery and development resources and they have enabled us to develop highly effective formulations that have been supplemented with preclinical data using MedPharm’s surrogate topical models that has also smoothened the passage of our CMC submissions to regulatory authorities. I would recommend MedPharm’s highly knowledgeable and skilled topical formulation and pharmaceutics team to any company with actives they wish to develop for local topical or transdermal delivery.”  Peter Welburn (Peplin Operations Pty Ltd)

 “We have been working with MedPharm in the topical product development arena for many years. I am impressed by their ability in tackling technical challenges and their high quality standards in managing, monitoring and reporting on the projects.  They always delivered in a timely and professional manner.” Wendy Chern (Former Vice President, Discovery  and Preclinical Research Stiefel, a GSK company)