About Us

MedPharm develops, tests and manufactures formulations for topical (skin, nail, nose, lung and other mucosal tissue) and transdermal use. MedPharm has expertise in developing a large number of doseage forms and specialises in tackling difficult-to-formulate compounds.

MedPharm’s expertise and CRO and CDMO services include:

  • Contract topical and transdermal formulation design and product development
  • Development and application of novel in vitro/ex vivo models for drug and formulation candidate selection
  • Formulation optimisation, efficacy and toxicity testing
  • Development and licensing of proprietary drug delivery technologies
  • GMP manufacturing of clinical trial materials

MedPharm operates to exacting quality standards using world-class resources. It offers:

  • Highly skilled and experienced R&D scientists with formulation and analytical backgrounds
  • A Scientific Advisory Board comprising renowned pharmaceutical experts
  • Proven documentation, quality systems and project management
  • GLP testing facilities and services
  • A separate on-site GMP facility for clinical trial material supplies
  • The opportunity to develop intellectual property around a formulation
  • Proprietary drug delivery technologies for client use
  • State-of-the-art laboratory facilities and equipment
  • Pre-clinical and clinical expertise
  • Knowledge of worldwide regulatory requirements
  • Validated specialist in vitro and ex vivo drug release and performance testing topical models

MedPharm Company Ethos